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Metal Bellow Coupling
Metal Bellows couplings – because of their extremely high torsional stiffness and both angular and axial flexibility – are installed wherever powers, up to the highest levels, have to be transmitted between shafts, highly efficiently and absolutely backlash-free. This means that they effectively compensate for manufacturing variations in drive or support shaft bearings, both for angular and axial misalignment, with only very low restoring forces; thereby extending bearing life considerably.

In today’s ever increasing drive systems demands, Metal Bellows couplings prove an indispensable connection component. Their wide range of different shaft fixing versions; whether

by bore & keyway, with two locking set-screws, 1 over the key, the other at 120° onto the shaft, or
by ‘key-less’ bore only, with part axial-split & radial-cut hubs ‘all-round clamping’ via single socket-head screw mounted in drilled, tapped & counter bored hole along a chord line across the split in the hub, or .
via protruding expanding mandrel into hollow shafts, or
by the ‘key-less’ bore only, ‘clamping’ compression imposed, from tightening multiple-screws axially, across conical mating ring/tapered surface hubs, or
by simple flange bolting connection,the installation options are enormous.
The coupling principle offers the advantage of very simple & easy handling and operation.

In most variations it comprises of only a single component.

With the key-less, split-/clamping- hub designs, drive shafts suffer no damage, with the elimination of any possibility of rubbed ‘flats’ from abrasion appearing in any form, on dismantling or even during operation. The torque to be transmitted is more evenly distributed, around the whole shaft surface, as opposed to only one side of the keyway. There is no possibility of fretting corrosion. Life span is substantially improved and it is maintenance-free.

The bellows part of the coupling is made from stainless steel, whilst hubs made from aluminium alloy are ‘Loctite’ glued to each end. However, with the larger hub sizes (from KB4/60 upwards) material changes to steel and they are soldered, or welded to each end of the bellows.

Combining all these positive qualities makes the bellows coupling one of the most popular and proven shaft connectors found, particularly, in the industrial sectors of NC machines, Servo Drives, Packaging Machines, Linear Devices, Machine Tools, Pulse Generators (encoders, etc.) and Robot Control Drives and also in practically every other area of the dynamics, even under the most difficult environmental conditions.
Specific Feature:

A particular feature of the metal Bellows Couplings arises from their meticulous manufacturing process, where guaranteed high concentricity of assembled components is assured, because every single coupling is ‘centered’ at the jointing assembly, on a mandrel. The rotational concentricity is then measured (for high accuracy) again at the final inspection stage
Servo Insert Coupling
Starflex has a simple construction of two hubs with one element inside. There are 2 kinds of elements that are different in hardness, selectable according to misalignment and torque response. The material of element is Polyurethane Elastomer, that realized 2 times of torque comparing with our present jaw type coupling. No backlash is possible due to the pre-pressured design of element and hub. The hub is made of aluminum alloy, which has two types of connection, clump type or key type. Starflex passed our Green design criteria and adopts to RoHS instructive.
Starflex has a simple construction of two hubs with one element inside. ALS-R Type material of element is Polyurethane Elastomer (hardness 97 JIS A), that realized 2 times of torque comparing with our present jaw type coupling. No backlash is possible due to the pre-pressured design of element and hub.
ormal torque 2Nm to 525Nm
bore range 3mm to 60mm
Operational temperature -30oC to +80oC
Disk Coupling
SERVO FLEX is a metal disk type coupling with high torsional rigidity. It is rigid in the torsional direction, and is flexible in the bending, asymmetrical and axial directions. The plate spring is made by a latest finite element analysis method to achieve an idealized shape. The SFC model is a compact and lightweight model with high-strength aluminum alloy used for the hub material
The SFC model is a metal disk type coupling with lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy used for the clamp hub. It has a high torsional rigidity and responsiveness. The SFC-SA2 with single element and ultrahigh rigidity and the SFC-DA2 with double elements and flexibility are available. Each type has a green design corresponding to the RoHS.
Permissible torque 0.6Nm to 250Nm
Drilled bores 4mm to 45mm
Backlash Zero
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